A chance to Write & Talk smutty!

Wed 15th August 2018 {7pm - 11pm}


The writing munch is just what is sounds like, a munch for those who enjoy writing or who would like to have a go at playing with words. Writers of any level welcome, don’t worry there will be no tests, no worries about spelling and grammar and certainly no judgement. Come be creative with words, that’s all we’re going to do.

Our focus will be on erotic writing, especially BDSM, fetish and kink stories but feel free to come along and write something different. All genres welcome. Factual as well as fiction writing will be encouraged. No one will be made to read out their work, it will always be your choice. You don’t even have to a write a thing, just come and enjoy the social time.

We will be located in the snug area at the back of the bar. You’ll know it’s us by the big pile of notebooks and pens on the tables!

Food and drinks are available from the main bar, so you can keep yourself refreshed as you write, chat and have fun.

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Answers to some of the common questions we are asked, if you have any other question then please get in touch.

We will bring pens and pads of paper for everyone attending. But if you have your own, special writing journal or prefer to do your word creation on an electrical dohicky, feel bring to bring your own! Oh, and money for drinks and snacks, food is served til’ 10pm!

Don’t panic. Arriving on time will be good, you’ll get maximum writing munch fun but If your schedule is a bit tight, don’t worry about arriving late. We’ll be in the snug, just come on over and join us, whenever you arrive.

Please come dressed as your favourite author… Nah, only kidding. No dress code. Just come in whatever makes you comfortable. Remember we are in a pub, members of the public will be milling around so casual, going to the pub wear is recommended.

Everyone from serious writers to not so serious writers. You don’t need to be an author or a regular writer to join the fun. All you need is a little interest in erotica and a desire to have some sexy fun with words. There will be no judgement, no homework and no expectations. Just come, be social and enjoy a little word play.

Every writing munch will start with time just to socialise, grab a drink and get to know people. Later on we’ll indulge in a writing exercise or two and discuss any writing relating shenanigans we might want to get up to. There might be time to ask questions to our author in resident, Victoria Blisse, or listen to some erotic readings. Each Writing munch will be a little bit different and as the group grows we’ll cater the event to the needs of the attendees.

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